Profile of Accounting Department

The City College was established in 1993 is the premier educational institution in Chittagong division for higher learning. It is an accredited, non -profit institution operating year round and providing undergraduate, graduate and post graduate education for meritorious students from all corners of Bangladesh. The college has approximately 200 teaching stuffs and 12,000 students enrolled in 15 Departments under 3 Faculties.

The department of Accounting started      session ……. commenced with 6 teaching stuffs and 50 students in 2010 and has swelled to over 600 students and 9 teaching stuffs in the present time. The Department offers Graduate and post graduate program in Accounting with a clear philosophy to develop in students the required knowledge and understanding of theoretical for Accounting profession.

We must ensure that our future generation  of students assimilate the advancements in every field of knowledge for the betterment of the country.

Message of Department Head

I take this privilege to welcome all the students to Accounting Department. .Our mission is to provide higher education in the business discipline to students keeping in view with the challenges of the 21st century. Finally I again welcome the students expecting to be enrolled in the best seat of learning.

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